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Is Corrugated the Answer to Your Packaging Challenges?

Posted by Peter Centenari on Jan 17, 2017 8:25:58 AM


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5 Benefits of Corrugated Packaging Materials

Corrugated packaging is the chosen packing material for many industries. Its high tech construction, protective qualities, customizability, cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness make it the ideal solution to packaging challenges.

  1. High Tech

    When you think of a box, technology doesn't ususally come to mind. Many don’t realize just how high tech a corrugated box can be. R&D makes continuous improvements for strength-to-weight ratios, printability, moisture barriers and recyclability.  They are manufactured by high tech, advanced, automatic equipment that lowers costs and produces consistent quality and performance. Corrugated packaging is designed using complex computer-aided design and manufacturing systems, and then prototyped to ensure optimal, efficient, and cost effective solutions.

  2. Protective

    Corrugated materials offer a protective environment for your products. The provide a stable cushion for your products, keep items safe during transit, shipping and handling all while providing a moisture barrier. Since the amount of protection required varies it is available in different sizes and thicknesses. The superior tear, tensile and burst strength attributes of corrugated allow it to hold up to the many pressures it encounters during the shipping process. Additionally, corrugated packaging is great for stacking and weight distribution while offering protection from damage caused by impact, dropping or vibration.
  3. Customizable

    Corrugated can be custom designed to accommodate each specific product’s criteria for protection, space and shipping density. Above, we talked about how thickness can be adjusted, well there are also numerous combinations of board types, flute sizes, adhesives, weights, treatments and coatings to customize the packaging for your product’s specific needs. It can even include flame resistance and static control protection. Corrugated is one of the only rigid packaging options that can be easily cut and folded into different shapes and sizes. In addition, it can readily accept print and can be directly printed on with high resolution graphics.

  4. Cost Efficient

    Corrugated containers are one of the least expensive on the market. They don’t require a high cost of labor and tools to manufacture and fill the containers, and the raw materials and cost of production is also low. The lightweight nature of corrugated keeps shipping costs down. As an added benefit, corrugated containers are multi-purpose and can be used for shipping, storage, marketing and display.
  5. Eco Friendly

    Corrugated is made from renewable resources, can be made from recovered materials and has one of the highest recycling rates of packaging materials. Corrugated boxes can also be easily folded, stored and reused. For more information on how environmentally friendly corrugated is please refer to 4 Reasons Why The Corrugated Packaging Business is Exploding

Few packaging options can offer all the benefits of corrugated.  This high performing preferred material may be the solution to many of the packaging challenges you face. For a closer look at how corrugated packaging could be highly customized for your product while still being eco-friendly and cost efficient, receive our packaging audit that culminates in a prototype for yor product. 

Packaing Prototype

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